Sex is an Activity of Daily Living (ADL)

This is a beginner level course that highlights on the various aspects of sexuality as an occupation and discusses the role of Occupational Therapy in overcoming barriers to optimize their delivery of healthcare services in these intimate occupations across lifespan.

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo (she/her) is a queer, Occupational Therapist and Personal Counsellor based in Mumbai, India. She is actively working in the areas of sexuality, intimacy, relationships and mental health across lifespan with a client-centred, pleasure-focused, trauma-informed and queer & disability inclusive approach. Other aspects of her work include collaborating with other allies, advocates and NGOs around the world focusing on sex worker and assault/abuse survivor healthcare and advocating for sexuality in Occupational Therapy & Sciences across various practice areas and settings. She is also the founder of Sex, Love, And OT- an inclusive, educational platform advocating for sexual rights and liberation through education, centring pleasure, and facilitating freedom of occupational engagement in sexuality for clients globally. You can stay connected with her through her socials (Instagram, Facebook- or check out her website Sex, Love, And OT for more details

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